Don't Let Lifeless Cabinets Ruin Your Room's Visual Appeal

Don't Let Lifeless Cabinets Ruin Your Room's Visual Appeal

Count on us to complete your cabinet painting project in Lincoln & Omaha, NE

Your cabinets should complement the d├ęcor, floor and walls in your kitchen or bathroom. If they don't, hire the pros at Vidales Painting. We provide professional cabinet painting and staining services for residents of Lincoln & Omaha, NE. Just choose your favorite paint or stain and leave the rest to us.

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Check out our cabinet painting process

Whether you want to paint new cabinets or repaint old ones, we're the right crew for the job. We follow this process for every cabinet painting project:

  • Seal the area so paint doesn't get everywhere, and set up a fan to disperse odors
  • Use an oil-based primer to prep cabinets that have already been stained
  • Sand the wood to make it smooth and vacuum away the dust left behind
  • Put on the first coat of paint and let it dry before sanding it again
  • Apply the second coat of paint to leave your cabinets looking shiny, bright and beautiful

Do you prefer the look of stained cabinets? We can do those too. Turn to us for cabinet staining services today.